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tv   News  ABC  July 5, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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>> reporter: jurors ended the first day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. they have taken in a lot after 45 days of arguments. the evidence has been sent back to the jury room but they will be brought into open court if they want to watch any of the video evidence. the state posed a question, whose life was better without caylee? they and heed by showing a picture of -- and they answered by showing a picture that translated says the beautiful life along with a picture of casey dancing with her friends. the defense claims the prosecution's case is circumstantial and doesn't meet standards to convict on a capital murder charge. this case has been called the social media trial of the century. a number of facebook pages and twitter feeds spopped up -- popped up with legions of trial watchers. >> everybody loves a mystery. and you want to kind of witness it and be a part of it. >> reporter: this trial has gained tens of thousands of followers. so we want to know what you
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think about this case. let's head to our wmar facebook fan page and see what you had to say. marlow checks in every day and says send her to the hole and throw away the key. sarah says guilty. i have a daughter and it makes me sick that someone could kill their own child. she doesn't deserve to live. and kim says the fact that a hair was found in her trunk from a decomposing body is enough for me. guilty. well, please continue to tell us what you think about this case. you can go to our facebook fan page and let us know what you think. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. new this morning, an international manhunt for man in hex coacussed of killing a teacher inside her maryland home e crossed back into mexico and police are trying to get him back to maryland where he face murder charges. you see a photograph of him. he had a relationship with the
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professor susan markham and he made investments with her and was the sole beneficialary of her half million dollar life insurance policy. his dna matches the blood found on an old murder weapon. >> she was hit on her body with a force. and she was choked to death according to a medical examiner. >> he refused to come back but it appears he is taunting police and denies being in maryland during the time of the death. cleanup is underway in tucson arizona after a storm slammed into the city. the fast moving afternoon storms caused damage to homes knocking out power yesterday. it flooded a lot of streets and uprooted trees. state officials say thankfully no one has been injured. we will take you up to gettysburghburg where lightning hit five people all of them reenactors. this happened sunday night but we got the news and the video in overnight for you. one of the victims says the lightning burned a hole through
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her sweater. she is now being treated for burns on her arms. a huge cleanup in big sky country after an oil spill in the yellowstone river. exxon-mobile is take responsibility for the accident. tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil leaked through the river late friday. the environmental protection agency or epa, says it is taking air and water samples to determine the impact. it comes after exxon-mobile was order aed to pay 1.5 billion dollars in damages to 106 families and businesses affected by a 2006 gas leak in baltimore county. have you reeled in a fish this big? look at this shark from texasfish hemen pulled n they caught it -- fishermen pulled n they caught it an hour away from houston. three friends caught the bull shark and it's one of at least two sharks caught recently along the texas coast. a female angular caught a 4- foot bull shark saturday. both were released after they were caught and a couple photos
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were snapped for proof. >> you get a lot of shark stories. >> i do. i think our producer likes them. >> i think you like them. >> i do like the shark stories. stay with us this morning. temperatures have been baking in parts of maryland for the last few weeks. >> we are always work for you when it comes towning your ac and -- to running your ac and saving dollars. tips to help you lower the monthly electric bill. who wouldn't want to skip security at the airport? a new report says some people would not mind paying extra money to avoid the hassle. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. ♪ that aroma's coming through ♪ for the big day ahead of you morning. big day, huh? morning, mom! are you excited? ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup. i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina.
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now "good morning maryland." 6:37. we are running the air conditioning nonstop these days. especially when we have temperatures like we did in the
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mid-90s. but we are twork save you money -- working to save you money. department of energy says keep your therm stall at 78. when you get home don't -- thermostat at 78. when you get home, don't set it at a chilly temperature because it doesn't cool the room faster and will result in paying more money. people shouldn't mind -- wouldn't mind paying 150 dollars every year to skip the security at the airport altogether. they did the survey by the u.s. travel association finding that nearly half of us would either or be very or somewhat likely to pay the annual fee. they do it every year and it would undergo a background check for you and you just zip through faster security lines. the idea is most popular of course with frequent flyers. a huge debacle to tell you about for fox news after a company official says someone hacked into the twitter account there on sunday night. hackers posted fake news updates on the fox spotlight
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account reporting that president obama was assassinated. fox news says the incident is being investigated and they regret any distress the tweets may have caused. meantime, apple employees will be heading back to work with a mess after hackers stole more than 2 dozen user names and passwords belonging to the company employees. and in effect is a group of hackers from online vigilant groups. the vigilante groups dough funked the security -- defuncted the security. time for sports. when they met in april, the texas rangers took two of three from the o's and looked good doing it. monday night the defending al champs continueded dominance blasting baltimore 13-4. and lewis won the third straight decision allowing three runs through 7 innings of work. o's starter says that -- he gave up 6 runs over 7 hits and falls to 2-2. just rejoined the team a couple weeks ago many
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game 2, 8:05 tonight live the ball park at arlington texas. we are talking about a new event coming up. we told you about this last week. it was a sign of the best all star highlights of all times. we showed outfinal four last week. it was -- you the final four last week. now we are down to two. it's the ironman versus stan the man. go to and check this out. it's been kind of a breakdown march madness style. cal's perfect swing versus stan's midsummer magic at midsummer classic 2011. if you don't remember which of the two highlights we are talking about, you can watch them right here on the screen. again, this is from cal ripkin his great all star game several years ago where he was not only named mvp but he also had a home run in the game. i believe it was the skydome if
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i have remember correctly. if you don't remember, go to and watch it. all of us getting ready for the july 12th all star game in phoenix arizona at chase field. we are down to the final two stan versus cal and we will have a link for this at our website, coming up later this morning, we will let you know to go on and vote and make the ironman's moment at the all star game one to remember. megan. >> all right. thanks so much. it was supposed to be a fun night downtown with fireworks and it ended in violence. >> reporter: a man is stabbed to death outside mccormick and schmick's. i am linda so. what happened to a 4-year-old boy after the fireworks. a boater is missing. >> people in a boat are going too far and they were going to turn and the boat flipped over. >> the boater is mit missing and a familiar -- is missing and a family is frantic to find him. and deadly holiday at
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sandy point state park. a 6-year-old dies. the help that some people offered to try to find the child. and could we be rooting for the ravens this season? we will find out. more nfl talks continue. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. but how long will that last? i will tell you coming. but we are dealing with hot temperatures. how high will the thermometer get? that's coming up as well. we are doing okay at the bridges and tunnels. starting to get volume. we will tell you where the slowdowns are when "good morning maryland" continues. his family knows what to expect. but what mike rowe doesn't know is that his parents have armed themselves with unquilted viva® towels. wow, for me? [ male announcer ] if viva can handle mike rowe's mess, just think what it can do in your home. grab a roll for yourself and grasp the unquilted difference. [ mahis family knows when mikwhat to, but what mike rowe doesn't know is that his parents have armed themselves with unquilted viva® towels. wow, for me?
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now "good morning maryland." 15 minutes away from 7. this is your abc2 news to g thanks for joining i am megan pringle. >> i am charlee crowson let's check the weather with lynette charles night going to be a hot day on tap for us. we will get more sunshine in here as we head off and about to work this morning as well. our hour by hour forecast brings it in at 78. by the time we hit 8, 86 by lunchtime and then the high today will be right around 90
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degrees. again, slather on the sunscreen heading out and about. let's send it over to tonya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. people starting to wake up and get out on the road. we have a few incidents we will start out looking at reisterstown. 795 at southbound at could bys mil out of reisterstown. heavier traffic is earlier has been on the southbound side. the incidents we have right now 98 southbound after the exit to route 32 for an accident in anne arundel county and northern parkway at belvedere accident with injuries. charley. thanks a lot. it's not the type of thing that's supposed to happen. thousands come out to enjoy the fireworks at the inner harbor and violence. linda so is live this morning to tell us all about what turned into a terrible night down in the inner harbor. >> reporter: well, there are two incidents you will be hearing about all day. the first happened right here by pier 6 pavilion by the water. it was a great place to come with your family to catch the fireworks yesterday. over there, you have mccormick and schmick's but police say
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this is where a man was stabbedin the neck. he later died at shock trauma. it happened after the fireworks end last night. again, the man was taken to shock trauma but didn't survive. then in a separate incident, a 4-year-old boy was shot in the leg as he was standing with his dead after the fireworks ended. police say the boy's father heard a loud noise and the boy started to complain his leg hurt. that's when the dad realized his son had been shot. the boy was taken to johns hopkins and his injuries are considered nonlife-threatening. thousands were at inner harbor to celebrate the 4th and see the fireworks. police promised heavy security with hundreds of officers on patrol. even earlier in the evening, the police commissioner held a news conference to detail the coordinated effort with different agencies and to assure people that it would be safe downtown. but still, that could not stop the violence the later at 11, police will hold a briefing to tell us what happened last night provides us with more
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details. a man was shot last night and a 4 we are old boy was shot -- 4- year-old boy was shot at pratt and light street. linda so, abc2 news. baltimore city police department wants to give you a job. they are going to be a couple times to stop by. one is at the baltimore city police headquarters. that's on east fayette street. 12:30 today and show up again tonight at 6 p.m. your pay by the way starts at $40,000 and will increase to more than $42,000 after six months on the job. you have to be at least 20 years old --20 1/2 years old at the time of your application. the search resumes for a missing boater. friends were on the magothy river for 4th of july celebration when james kane went missing. police are calling it a fatal boating accident. several rescue boaters hit water around dobbins island search for kane around 4:30 yesterday afternoon a woman in
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the boat was rescued by a passer boater but kane has yet to be seen. families trying to cope after a 6-year-old drowned at sandy point state park. this happened early yesterday morning around 6:00. the boy disappeared near the south beach at the state park and a number of people at the park tried to help in that rescue. >> of course you have to stay close to them and keep your eye on them all the time, you know. but the main thing is you know trying to stay awake and keep your eye on them. that's the best you can do. >> officials are telling abc2 news this is at least a 13th drowning this far this season in anne arundel county. and they are urging people to keep a close eye on their kids when ever they are near water. fire department can't stress it enough,s importance of your -- the importance of your hive jacket for children and adults when you get into the water. when getting a life jacket they say make sure it fits them. it has to be snug. coast guard official say you
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don't one they will grow into because that's one of the worst things to do. >> the very first thing you need to be aware of is to put the life jacket on. you need to wear it. >> the water is unpredictable for one and even though you can swim, you know it's a safeguard. anything can happen. >> also when picking out a life jacket, make sure the u.s. coast guard has approved it. we are standing by right now. >> we are standing by absolutely to see the low flying planesright? you might see more. nasa is conducting air quality pollution flights. they start at about 90 -- they started 90 minutes ago and willgo until 1:30 this afternoon. they will follow up interstate 95. scientist say the stretch of 95 has some of the worst pollution in the country. >> also candidates filing into the last-minute runs for the baltimore city mayor stot.
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katherine pew and carl stokes are filling out to be candidates for the democratic party today. pew says she is is going to walk from the campaign headquarters to the board election around 9:45 this morning. in all four candidates have filed for the democratic primary. and senator barbara mikulski will announce a grant to help veterans find jobs. the grant is offering more than a million dollars in federal monies. she will make the announcement today at weigh station in frederick. in today's economy, lawmakers down in washington are talking money and they did so even during the holiday. something they have not done since 1964. some worked on the 4th. >> we need the house and senate in washington together to negotiate with the white house so we can reach a credible plan to deal with the national deficit. it's a very serious problem. >> senators worked through the july 4th holiday trying to reach a compromise during the nation's debt or cover the
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nation's debt. the treasury department is now saying the real deadline to reach an agreement is july 22nd so there's time to pass legislation and make its way to the president's desk by the deadline again on august 2nd. now after that, the u.s. government will not be allowed to borrow anymore money. 6:52. gas prices have stayed even for the past week. they are at 3.56 a gallon. the first of 30 million barrels of oil will be released. president obama told us last week that it's from the strategic petroleum reserve expected to push oil prices lower. authorities are still look for at least five people still missing after a fishing boat capsized. the good news is dozens have been rescued since the accident sunday morning off the coast of mexico's baja california peninsula. boat is carrying 43 people when it hit bad weather and sank. new this morning, flag
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sales are up. flags in yards on mailbox and barns are allp. it's estimated -- all up. it's estimated there's 20% more than last year many credit the killing of so am sai -- osama bin laden. not only did the news follow fast but so did the flag orders. five things to know before walking out the door this morning. congress is talking money. they return to resume talks about raising the federal debt ceiling before the august 2nd deadline. the senate will be back to work today and house members return tomorrow. on the day the new imf chief is named dominique strauss-kahn whom she replaces faces another alleged attempted rape. a novelist says she will file a criminal complaint for the assault that happened in 2003. and countdown for the space shuttle mission has begun.
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atlantis lift off is set for 11:26 friday morning. an estimated 1 million people will be there for the final launch. atlantis will take supplies to the international space station on a 12-day mission before joining discovery and endeavour in retirement. 2011nfl season moving closer to becoming a reality. they will resume talks in new york today as both sides try to come to an agreement. it would bring the ending to the longest work stopage in nfl history. it could be a house divide. michelle obama may have to splither aleagueans between the home team washington nationals and her hometown chicago cubs. she will be on hand honoring military families before the cubs and nats play. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning.
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if it's yours first -- if it's your first day back to working we are getting sunshine. things look good. putting the satellite and radar in motion, most cloud cover and showers are moving off into the atlantic as of now. we do have a stationary front that is draped south of the area with that that could be focal point for isolated showers to pop up into the afternoon. but all in all, we should stay dry just like yesterday. better chance for showers and thunderstorms will rollback in here as we go into wednesday. and also thursday. for today, that temperature will be right around 90. more sunshine and temperatures will remain above normal as we go through today and even into tomorrow. the temperature tonight coming in at 69 degrees. it will be partly cloudy and humid. by tomorrow, still 90 and thunderstorms possible and humidity is going to continue. this is your 7-day forecast. not much change. we see 90s over the next several days here and then we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the picture and then by the weekend, things look much better much drier and temperatures will be a little
6:56 am
bit lower. let's head over to tonya. >> reporter: 95 southbound out of white marsh towards the beltway. no problems to report. 95 northbound from laurel, everything is open as well. no incidents to report here at the beltway at 695 at liberty road. all your lanes are doing well. traffic is flowing freely. we do have a few incidents to tell you about. northern parkway at belvedere, there's an accident there with injuries. also 95 southbound at o'donnell street, there's something in the road there, some debris in the road causing volume and charles street between conway and pratt left lane is closed. >> all right. we are out of time. but thanks so much for joining us. i hope you had a great 4th of july weekend and it's now back to work on the 5th. >> back to work. congress getting back to work on the debt ceiling. we will have more on that. go to facebook and weigh in. because of what happened last night down in the inner harbor, are you afraid to take your family down there? >> we lo ive -- we would love
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